This project includes pavement widening of the existing off-ramps (Ramps A-4 and B-1) and the addition of northbound and southbound auxiliary lanes along SR-9 (I-95). The new auxiliary lanes for SR-9 (I-95) will begin just north of the Old St. Augustine Road Bridge (overpass) and terminate about 4,800 feet to the north. Our field exploration included 84 hand auger borings and 17 flight auger borings to depths of 5 and 20 feet, respectively, below the existing ground surface within the limits of the proposed new pavement areas. In addition, a new Mast Arm and Overhead Sign Structure will be added, as well as a drainage swale adjacent to the southbound auxiliary lane. Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings were performed for the structures, and SPT borings with continuous sampling and field permeability tests were performed for the drainage swale. The field and laboratory testing results, along with conclusions and recommendations for roadway widening and roadway construction considerations, were provided in our geotechnical report.