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MAE Drilling

  • Subsurface Soil Explorations Including Rock Coring
  • Foundation Analysis and Design
  • In-situ Testing and Performance Monitoring
  • Earth Structures, Slopes, and Retention Systems
  • Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
  • Soil Stabilization and Ground Improvement
  • Groundwater Control/Dewatering
  • Existing Pavement Evaluation
  • New Pavement Design and Subgrade Evaluation
  • Pile and Drilled Shaft Installation Monitoring
  • Piezometer Installation

Appropriate geotechnical recommendations are vital to the success of every project. Preparing geotechnical engineering solutions requires a comprehensive understanding of site-specific soil and groundwater conditions, and the impact these conditions will have on a completed project. MAE can provide the engineering expertise needed to assess construction and long-term performance risks associated with subsurface conditions, and develop innovative, practical and cost effective foundation recommendations for your project design team.

A thorough subsurface investigation is a critical element to completing a cost effective, safe structural design. MAE’s professional engineering staff has extensive experience with Florida geology. We have access to a large fleet of drilling equipment which gives us a flexibility to respond quickly to our clients’ needs. We can prepare a program to explore and characterize soil, rock and groundwater conditions at your site, and provide a geotechnical engineering analysis which will enable your project team to prepare a cost effective, safe structural design for your project.