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MAE provides a variety of services to project managers and clients across Florida and Puerto Rico. MAE’s services include geotechnical, environmental, construction engineering inspection, and construction material testing. Click on a service area to learn more.


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 Engineering Inspection

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Quality Control

At MAE we place a significant emphasis on our QA/QC systems to ensure conformance with our Clients’ project requirements and with applicable governing standards. MAE’s system includes planning, training, providing clear decisions and directions, constant supervision, and documentation of all decisions, assumptions, and recommendations.

Our objective is to provide a Quality Control Plan by which subjects all deliverables to a systematic and consistent review process to minimize errors and maximize positive outcomes.

Quality Assurance
Equipment and Facilities

Equipment & Facilities

MAE’s drilling equipment includes ATV, Tripod and track-mounted drilling rigs; perfect for limited access and low-lying job sites. The company also owns the equipment needed to support our CEI and Environmental consulting services including nuclear density gauges and field equipment for concrete, asphalt, and water sampling and testing.

For all of our services, we own the software necessary to support the needs of our project team including design, scheduling, project management, geotechnical, environmental, inspection, testing and financial support suites.

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