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MAE’s primary focus is to ensure your project satisfies the intent of the jurisdictional requirements and complies with the Florida Building Code while saving our clients time and money. Leveraging our local knowledge within Northeast and Central Florida, we are able to reduce time and costs associated with the logistical challenges within the various municipalities. Our passion for excellence focuses us on providing quality and personalized service to contribute to your success. 

Trust our team of Building Officials, Multi-licensed Inspectors, Plans Reviewers, and Technical staff to facilitate your commercial, residential, and institutional projects of any size.

Private Provider Services Provided

Third Party Inspections

Meskel & Associates Technical Lead

Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt has 22 years of experience in the mechanical and plumbing industries. As a State of Florida Licensed Building Code Administrator / Building Official, Tim holds both plans review and inspections licenses in the following disciplines: Commercial Building, Commercial Mechanical, Commercial Plumbing and Residential.  He leads both our Northeast and Central Florida Divisions.

Tim Hunt

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