Who We Are

Since its founding in 2008, MAE has grown from a one-person firm to a respected geosciences firm with 3 offices, 40+ staff members, a certified materials testing lab, and multiple drill rigs.

At MAE, our senior staff averages over 25 years of experience and are dedicated to meeting client needs and schedules. On every project, our collaborative approach ensures quality, reliable and cost-effective technical services every time.

MAE group photo.

Our Values

Client Satisfaction

MAE’s success and steady growth is based on repeat business from project owners and consultants. More than 80% of our annual revenue comes from repeat clients, demonstrating the trust and satisfaction of our clients.

Quality Management

We place a significant emphasis on our quality management processes to ensure conformance with our clients’ project requirements and applicable governing standards. Comprehensive planning, training, and providing clear documentation ensure that the final product will be substantially error free.


At MAE, we understand that what we do is dangerous. So, we discuss safety often, with good results. Our EMR, a rating that indicates a business’s safety record compared to others in the same sector, is 0.880, which is excellent. Having a rating under the industry standard of 1.0 reflects the effectiveness of our procedures and our commitment to safety.

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