Company Snapshot

Our diverse project portfolio provides our staff with exposure to technical challenges in a variety of disciplines involved in civil design and construction.  MAE provides comprehensive training in project management, quality assurance and quality control so our employees are better able to respond to the needs of our clients.

MAE has a familial atmosphere that makes people feel a sense of ownership and responsibility. Everyone works toward our mission to cultivate relationships with clients, stakeholders and the community by focusing on quality, mentoring, empowerment, accountability and client satisfaction.

MAE provides competitive compensation and benefits packages based on experience and performance. MAE does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or ancestry, age, genetic characteristics, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.

Mentoring and Training

Mentoring increases a sense of responsibility and accomplishment, and lays the foundation for better morale at work and better relationships with stakeholders, coworkers and the community. Developing an understanding of expectations for both junior and senior level staff fosters mutual respect and encourages a collaborative work environment.

Training is a priority for our growing company. Emphasis on cross training of office and field personnel enable us to respond quickly to client requests and greatly influences the quality of our work and QA/QC program. Not only does MAE staff receive formalized training for licensing and certifications, but we recently developed an internal educational program focusing on client satisfaction, project management and advancing technologies.

As our mission states, MAE is truly committed to cultivating relationships with clients, stakeholders, and the community by focusing on quality, mentoring, empowerment, accountability, and client satisfaction.

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