Project Spotlight

JEA TWMP 30″ and 24″ Water Main Segment 5

Total Water Management Plan, Segment 5, Oaks Ansley Road to Bradley Road – MAE provided Resident Project Inspection and QA/QC.  MAE provided field monitoring of 9,000 feet of 30” DIP and 1,500 feet of 24” PVC utility project within FDOT right-of-way.  The corridor for the new utilities was within the median of Arlington Expressway and Southside Boulevard with the majority of work taking place within the Arlington Expressway Service Road which required total roadway rehabilitation for 2,400 feet and extensive long-term detours and MOT that included coordination with the JTA bus system and COJ Traffic Engineering. The project included an open-cut of Atlantic Boulevard for installation of both the WM and FM in the same trench.
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