Project Spotlight

JTA Bus Rapid Transit: North Corridor

The project areas are along the existing JTA north corridor beginning at the State Street Station (Station 1) and terminating approximately 8.5 miles to the north just past the intersection of I-295 and Lem Turner Road.  The purposes of the geotechnical exploration were to explore the subgrade soils within the existing roadway and adjacent areas to be developed, to evaluate the surficial roadway subgrade soils for future pavement construction, and to provide recommendations for pavement widening and retaining wall design and construction.   Corridor sites included Station No. 2B (Shand’s Hospital Station); Station No. 8 (Walmart Station); and North Median Turn-Around Signal (Lem Turner Road).  The bus station and median improvements will include pavement widening and new pavement. In addition, Station No. 8 (Walmart Station) will include a gravity wall to support the proposed bus station structure due to the surrounding slopes.
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