Existing Seawall Structures Identified by the City of Jacksonville In Need of Replacement, and Dredging Projects within Navigable Waterways, Jacksonville, Duval County, FL.

  • Miscellaneous Distressed COJ Bulkheads & Seawalls (2012-2014)
  • Oak Harbor Boat Ramp, Atlantic Beach (2013)
  • Arlington River / Pottsburg Creek Dredging (2013)
  • Catherine Street Bulkhead (2014)
  • Liberty Street Bridge Repair (2014)

The City of Jacksonville had identified several City-owned seawalls along residential and City properties bulkheads in need of replacement. MAE’s scope of services included planning of the subsurface soil exploration to provide geotechnical engineering parameters for the design of the new marine structures. Our field exploration required the use of a small track-mounted drill rig and portable equipment (tripod) to access the seawalls, plus required close coordination with residential property owners whose property abutted the seawall.

Another project included in this contract was the exploration for a new boat ramp to replace that which had been undermined by boat prop wash, thus cracking the existing ramp slab. This exploration required the use of a tripod rig mounted onto a small barge. Our geotechnical report included recommendations for design and construction of the new ramp.

Our contract also included exploration of proposed dredging activities along the Arlington River/Pottsburg Creek. A new channel was planned beginning near the mouth of the St. Johns River and ending just past the design goals of the project, execution of the field exploration that included coordination of our field activities with property owners and tenants, review of the field exploration results and assignment of laboratory tests, an evaluation of the encountered conditions, and a final geotechnical engineering report that included recommendations for design and construction of the proposed construction.