MAE has provided geotechnical engineering services for miscellaneous improvements to existing and new parks located in the City of Jacksonville. Typical improvements include restrooms, playscapes, lighting, landscaping, signage, sidewalks, multi-use paths and trails, play courts and field, parking lots, and new structures. Projects have included:

  • Halsema Road Livestock Farm Trailhead (2013)
  • Gefen Park North Bank Riverwalk Improvements (2014)
  • Jim King Park Improvements (2014)
  • Jim King Park & Boat Ramp Dock Re-design (2014)
  • Half Moon Island Park (2015)

Our geotechnical exploration used ATV or track-mounted drilling rigs for proposed structures, and hand-held bucket augers to explore the planned parking/drive, play courts and field areas. Dock improvements required access to waterways and this was accomplished using portable drilling equipment (tripod) mounted on a small pontoon barge. An additional consideration on the Gefen Park project was the handling of hazardous materials encountered during drilling. This was anticipated, and the crew had the proper OSHA training to handle these soils and associated drilling fluids appropriately. The excess soils and fluids were deposited in 55-gallon drums that were later disposed of properly.

Laboratory testing included physical properties (moisture content, gradation, Atterberg limits) to assist in soil classification, as well as provide information on the potential compressibility of the soil. Additional testing was included to determine the soil corrosion potential for concrete and steel substructures.   Our geotechnical reports included recommendations for design and construction of pavements and grade-supported slabs. Geotechnical soil parameters were also provided for drilled shafts that will support the planned light standards, and for driven pile foundations supporting the planned docks.