Construction of a concrete slab-on-grade well pad for the proposed JEA water supply well and a 16-inch PVC raw water pipeline approximately 1,000 feet in length on the north edge of pavement of Phelps Street from A. Philip Randolph Boulevard to Palmetto Street. MAE’s responsibilities included Standard Penetration Test (SPT) borings in the proposed well pad foundation area, drilled to a depth of approximately 20 feet below the existing ground surface. Hand auger borings were located approximately every 200 feet along the proposed raw water pipeline alignment near the north edge of pavement on Phelps Street, and advanced to a depth of 6 feet below the existing ground surface. A Geotechnical Report was prepared that included geotechnical design recommendations for the well pad and pipeline support.

In addition, MAE completed a groundwater sampling program to provide a Notice of Intent (NOI) to potentially discharge to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) under the auspices of the Generic Permit for the Discharge of Produced Groundwater from Any Non-Contaminated Site Activity, FAC 62-621.300(2).